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Alumni Stories

Successful Students. Challenging Journeys. Amazing Stories

Our students are incredible. Their journeys are inspiring. They have persevered through many of life’s challenges and now have become the next generation of leaders and role models. These are the stories of the students who know first-hand the challenges and triumphs of learning. Their stories reflect the diversity and tenacity of individuals attending Cumberland College. This collection of alumni profiles offers perspectives from the lives of students and graduates from our Adult Basic Education, ESL, Technical and University programs. Read their stories to learn more about their personal journey, their experiences at Cumberland College, anecdotes about their careers, and their advice to current and prospective students.

Take a few moments to meet these people. Get inspired to create your own success story. We’d love to add your memories to our Alumni Success Stories page.

Jennifer DelowskiShawna SchellenbergMatthew Schnieder
Alison ElsnerMathew Jose  Kelamkunnel Brittany Lam Ma
Joseph NeapetungJocelynne NeapetungSheldon Moore
Patty ChatfieldAngela BlackChandler Hedman
Leona SandersonPaige PowellJenine Burns
Deon BlackAngela StuartDanielle Ray-Lynn Dobersheck
Brent DignessMyriam FortierAlannah Webster
Joji Sam PhilipVickie LakeCharity Whitehead
Kashtin MoostoosAshley L'HenaffArmie Hara
Stephanie WiebeDanica SeverightJennifer Carlos Dela Pena
Travis LoblawKatherine  GramlichDana Lee
Angelique Nawakayas

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